Comparison of fixed deposit rates

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2018 Fixed Income Comparison And Recommendation

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It's been a rough start for fixed income so far this year. Don't expect it to get better, as the FED is planning on raising rates this year.

This could mean ca. Best NRE Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rates for NRIs [ Comparison] Do you agree that NRE (Non Resident External) Fixed Deposits are amongst the best fixed investment options for NRIs?

Best NRE FD Interest Rates for NRIs 2018 – Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Comparison

And if you do, are you interested in the best interest rates on offer for these deposits right now? If you compare fixed deposit rates of NBFCs and HFCs in the table above, DHFL offers the best FD rate of % for deposits with a tenure of 40 months. FD rates of NBFCs and HFCs are higher than the bank FD rates which are risk free deposits.

Union Bank of India FD Interest Rates. Fixed deposits are considered to be a safer investment option as compared to share markets. You can deposit your savings for a fixed duration and earn interest on the deposited amount at a fixed rate until the completion of the FD period.

Tenor/Period: 12mths Deposit Amount: less than S$10k to S$50k Based on the above tenor and deposit amounts, the following is a comparison of the Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (% p.a.) offered by the full banks in Singapore. Note: For other periods & deposit amounts, click “View” below for their latest rates.

Rates collated on 3 September With the Federal Reserve planning on hiking rates this year (let's say anywhere from hikes, with 3 as the middle ground), it could be a nasty year for fixed income and the bond market.

Comparison of fixed deposit rates
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